Fighting the Troll within…

Fighting the Troll within…

Oh dear…
It’s been 2 days since our AEON Wallet GUI was officially and publicly announced. Our tremendous satisfaction and pride, for making a piece of stable, bug-free software was soon succeeded by sadness and discourage. The reason is more of an obsession than an ideology.

The Open Source Paradigm

By its definition, open-sourced software is free. No strings attached, no perplexing disclaimers. It is more than free, it is a living example of freedom. It is community-based and creates a more diverse scope of design perspective than any one company is capable of. Those are facts and cannot be disputed.*

So why does closed-source software also work?

Companies have only two strong selling points vs Open-Source software. Usability and Service. When asking yourself which the “right” software for you is, it’s usage criticality is of major concern. As in a digital wallet, that handles your transactions, you’d want the best of the best. in the case on AEON Coin, there’s no better solution than Aeonix simplewallet. And as far as we know, that’s not only the best but also the only solution for the coin at the moment. This is a free command line tool, that will give you all the functionality needed to send/receive your AEON cryptocurrency, check your balances and get a full grasp of all transactions of the wallet, after creating it. But where does the demand for something useful, become a need for more? Where does it stop? In the better “fancy features”? In better usability? No one knows. And everyone knows that the community is too reluctant to deliver. Reluctant most of all, because of the most precious commodity and simultaneously asset of our epoch,  Time. The AEON Dev has a distinct amount of time that he can spend for such a great project like the AEON coin. He has to balance it between new features and innovation on/ renovation of the existing software. And that also applies to the blockchain, the wallet and the daemon.

That’s exactly how and why we stepped in. Creating a closed source software, with a minimal fee, and attending to 2 issues that the Community shouldn’t have to be obliged to offer. A much better Usability, and an accurate and responsible Support for the wallet. This is not the “wrapper”…the “GUI” or the “2 hours in Visual Studio” project. This is an ongoing project, part of many others, all delivered by our Dev Team. This is what we spent more than 300 manhours for (and many more in all our ongoing projects).

And this is why we feel that the fee won’t be an obstacle. Because you choose to trust a number of closed-source software, every single day. Because it is, always was, and always will be your choice.

  • By definition, a technological revolution resembles a scientific revolution. The New and better, overthrows the Old and less efficient paradigm.

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