Aeon Wallet GUI Instruction Manual

Aeon Wallet GUI Instruction Manual

Tutorial Contents

  1. Aeon Wallet Creation

  2. Logging in your Wallet

  3. Application Layout

  4. Application Features

    1. Send AEON coins

    2. Batch Send Aeon Coins

    3. Transactions

    4. Address Book

  5. About Page

Aeon Wallet creation

Open the AeonWalletGui application and click on the “Don’t have a wallet yet? Click Here to create one” link.

  • In the new window you will be prompted to specify the wallet’s files location and name, as well as the password of your wallet. After filling in the required information click on the “Create” button.

  • If the information supplied is correct the following window will appear:

As noted in the window you should save Electrum Seed of your wallet composed of 24 words, just in case you need someday to recover your wallet. But be cautious about where you store your Electrum Seed. It is highly sensitive information and in the wrong hands could result in a hijacked wallet.


Logging in your wallet

In order to log in your Aeon Wallet, all you have to do is:

  • Specify the wallet file location
  • Select an Aneon Daemon address from drop down list provided
  • Enter your wallet password
  • Select your preferred application language
  • Click the “Open” button


After you have successfully logged in your Aeon wallet, it will start to synchronize with the Aeon Blockchain. If you have created a new wallet this procedure may last several minutes.When the synchronization is complete you will be at the AeonWalletGui application home page.


AEON Wallet GUI Layout

  1. The Aeon Wallet Gui Application presents many intuitive features and visual representations that make the users’ life easier.
  2. At the top of the application, the user can see the Balance of his wallet as well as the Unlocked Balance that the user is free to use.
  3. At the bottom of the application window, the user can see the real-time log of his wallet operations.
  4. At the top right corner of the application window, the user can choose whether he wants his wallet to auto-refresh or not and in with what time interval, by clicking the checkbox and altering the time interval respectively.
  5. At the bottom section of the application window, the user can see the log output of the current wallet’s operations.

Application features


By selecting the Send Tab the user, providing the Mixin a non-mandatory Payment ID can send the desired amount off AEON coins to a specified AEON-wallet.

Batch Send Operation

If the user wants to, multiple transactions can be accomplished simply specifying more AEON wallet addresses like in the photo below:


In the Transactions’ Tab the transactions of the wallet can be seen presented in a Table, in which user can sort each row and search for any specific transactions:

Address book

Selecting the Address Book Tab the user can register, by providing a wallet name and address, limitless wallet addresses. Then by selecting one by one or multiple wallet addresses by right-clicking on the selection the user can add the selected addresses to the Address list to which he wants to send coins to.


About Page

Selecting the About Tab, the user can reed information about the application as well as chose the display language of the application, chose whether the user wants the application to check for updates automatically or not, or whether he wants the application to use sounds or not.



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