Addressing some concerns

This app is a “wrapper” for Aeon’s official simplewallet.
What that means, it’s basically a nice skin for simplewallet. All transactions are handled by simplewallet and the data is then fed to our app for presentation. You can check the signature of the included simplewallet.exe against the original or you can even replace it altogether with your version.
Just make sure you use version 9.13.0.

No, not at all. It is developed by an independent group of developers who want to promote Aeon.
We are not however affiliated in any way to the official Aeon team.

No, of course not. Aeon team has provided the community with their version of simplewallet. You can use our app if you like the extra stuff and the sleek skin we provide.

That’s very easy, start the app, provide it with your wallet, password and node of choice and it will do the rest. If you don’t already have a wallet, no problem, the app will create one for you. Sending money is very easy, you can select one of your existing contacts or you can type a new one. Give it an amount and click Send.

Developing apps is expensive. A proper app requires many, many man-hours in development, upgrade and support. Those developers must be compensated for their time. It is only fair that everyone gives a small amount to help them continue producing quality products.

We realize that this is not the norm in the cryptocurrency community. However, this application is released by a privately held group. As such, it is proprietary in nature and the source code is closed, as it happens with most commercial applications.

That is for each of you to decide. You decide to trust dozens of apps and websites every day. It is your choice with our application as well. We are sure that any reservations you have will go away.

Drop us a message using our Contact Form! We would love to hear your feedback. Our goal is to keep improving. We are also looking for people to help us translate the application in other languages!

You can download the AEON Wallet GUI (Windows Installer)  from the following link.
Download Link